This phrase was used by a yoga teacher a few years ago in a class. Right in the middle of some generic pose, it didn’t matter which one. She said “focus on the action, let go of the outcome.” Focus on the action of moving and breathing, let go of the outcome of what the pose looks like. I repeat that line to myself every day. Before I pitch term limits to a committee that has never had them, before I give a CLE presentation, before I teach a yoga class, before I cook a frozen pizza. Before I walk over to someone and say “Did we meet 27 years ago on a study abroad program?” Before I apologize.

In an interview with Krista Tippett for her “On Being” radio show, Seane Corn said it this way: “Dignify the human experience with love and have no attachment to the end results.”

I used to be so obsessed with the outcome: our daughter’s violin performance; the committee chair position; the work promotion; the repaired friendship. Sometimes the end result was not what I wanted, duh, that’s why I have a story to tell! I am now more aware, and I tell myself: Focus on the action, and let go of the outcome. And then I breathe.

You can read more about letting go at this Day Designer blog. I use their day planner – it even has a spot for daily gratitude!

Awareness and non-attachment is a constant practice.