In a yoga class this morning, the teacher transitioned us from “kneeling crescent moon” to “half splits.” The teacher noticed one student doing the full splits, and said to the class: “You can be like so-and-so and do full splits, and if you can’t that’s ok. Just don’t compare yourself to the outlier.”

Which is exactly what I was doing, outside of the yoga studio. Comparing myself, a homebody, to the adventurous world travelers in my life. One of whom is an outlier. Let’s meet her.

Yesterday I read an email from my Dutch friend. We met in college when she studied abroad at the University of Minnesota. We have stayed in sporadic touch. She sent us a Christmas card, which we just received, and that rekindled our connection. Her email update: “I will leave for South America on February 1st; living my dream and traveling for 4 to 5 months from Ushuaia to Ecuador or Colombia (not sure yet).” My reaction was parts admiration and jealousy. And curiosity – where is Ushuaia???

I thought to myself: “How did I go from age 20 to age 50 without traveling? That was not the intended plan.” However, I was comparing myself to the outlier. My Dutch friend who always made adventure and traveling part of her life. (If one of you has an upcoming four-month trip to another continent, tell us where in the comment section down below.)

This morning, the yoga teacher said: “We are all outliers in one way or another.” If that is the case, try not to compare yourself to me.

PS – I can’t do full splits.